Reg. U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

Reg. No. 4,089,414

Designer of the original slot drain since 1976

About DELC Drains


DELC's proprietary designed pre-sloped cast-in-place Stainless Steel Slot and Sump Drain systems are designed to accomodate any or all drainage needs you may have in your facility. DELC drains are currently installed in Agricultural and FDA approved processing plants in Canada and the US, as well as Rendering Plants, Transportation Maintenance Facilities and Heavy Industry.

Features and Benefits

  • CUSTOM DESIGNED to fit any location in length, depth or configuration
  • CFIA compliant design: 7/8” slot width, 1” per 6ft slope (alternate slot width and/or slope available)
  • Suitable for water, oils and mild acids, as well as slurry's in the pulp and paper industry
  • 304 or 316L Stainless Steel constructed for long lasting durability, low maintenance, will not rust
  • Fully welded design, smooth inside finish to reduce any build up of bacteria and easy to clean
  • All surfaces can be visually inspected
  • Will out last concrete and epoxy floors and any conventional cast in place floor drain system
  • Can easily retrofit to existing trench drains and can be installed in place of existing cast-in-place systems
  • No bending of grating by lift trucks, thereby eliminating tripping hazard
  • Heavy duty sump lids are non-tilt and designed with maximum drainage from all sides
  • Design allows for ease of foot traffic, totes and equipment with small wheels, as well as pallet jacks and forklifts
  • Capacity is equal to or greater than existing in plant drain pipe
  • Factory assembled sections up to 30ft for minimal on-site fabrication, longer sections require on site welding (by others)

The DELC drain system is a "K.E.Hansen" design and it has been submitted to CFIA in Ottawa for official approval. Registered U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, Registration No. 4,089,414.

Slot Drains

Standard Channel configuration:

Channel available in various slot widths, including removable 5-3/4" wide grates:

Channel also available with alternate 1/8" per foot slope, and optional heavy duty load rating:


Sumps also available in various diameters and depths, and with optional screen baskets with various percentages of perforations:

Installation Configurations

Due to its custom design, DELC drains can be built to suit job requirements. Example of typical configurations: